Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thrashgiving!

Good morning and a Happy Thrashgiving. We're waiting for the bird to be cooked and I thought I'd drop you all on some stuff you might not have heard yet.

First up is the Stench Demo. This thing rips and sounds straight outta the mid 80s. Heavy Discharge influence. We played with Stench a few weeks ago at Snug's in New Paltz and they were great.
If you dig the demo (which you must) check them out on 12/4/09 at the Basement in Kingston.

And secondly, on a historical note, I'm giving you guys the Tied Down demo. These were also on an otherwise unmemorable comp called "Kickboxing is not a Crime." Tied Down was some of the dudes from All Out War and Jay Horton from Hellbender zine playing Negative Approach styled hc. Good stuff from them. To my knowledge they only played one show. At one point Mike Score told me I could press this to vinyl. I'm just going to assume that his permission extends to posting a freebie here.

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