Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The US Mombs were here and they said something about gouging your eyes out, mutha fucka!

I was gonna work on the Murdershift "Girls Don't Exist" Tape next, but Sammi from the US Mombs got in touch and asked if I could get her a copy of their demo. Seeing as not having a copy of your recording is about the suckiest thing that can happen to a band member, I happily obliged and got this all ready.
Anyway, the US Mombs were around about 10 or so years ago and all the kids in it were 13 or so at the time, which I always thought was awesome. I booked them to play a show with us (Willbreaker) and XfilesX at the Cirrhosis house in Rosendale. XfilesX dropped off because there was a blizzard, but the Mombs' Mom drove them up and we played a short sweet show in a house that smelled like someone poured bongwater on an already wet dog. The Mombs got into an accident on their way home, but escaped uninjured, thankfully. They were later to write a song about me called "John from New Paltz Smells," but I never got to hear it.
Many years later, I was walking around a local produce place and after doing eight or nine double takes on the cashier I gave a head nod and it turned out to be Will Momb. We tried to start a band together, but it didn't really work because I was bad at bass and we just ended up watching Rambo.
So the tape is 7 awesome songs, along with one song on there twice, a goofy intro and a song about Jorge. I have to admit to a small amount of editing, though. There were tape clicks between all of the songs and I took them out because they are my pet peeve, and also there's a sample that was barely audible so I added some decibels to it. I don't think I did anything to change the character of the tape, which is awesome young teenagers making a demo on a tape recorder.

US Mombs Demo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Self Defense- No Holds Barred Demo

This is the demo my 2nd band did before we split ways and they got a new singer. 9 originals and a Negative FX cover. I just digitized this from an 82nd generation audio tape so sorry about the quality.

Up someday: Cro Mags and Striking Distance and a few others from Positive Numbers Fest 2002, Wilkes-Barre scene bands Bedford and True Identity last show recordings, Murdershift "Girls Don't Exist" demo and US Mombs demo among other things.

Self Defense- No Holds Barred Demo