Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nothing to do with nothing but...

I'm reading the Janis Joplin bio Buried Alive. Found some sick footage on the 'tube.

It also bears mentioning that Rising Up/Rising Down has gone on hiatus. Este is getting ready to go to Berkeley, Dan is still in Fucking Mess and the super secret Clutch the Orb and Justin is doing Butt Fuct Nixon with Mike Ferrara.

Also, Check out Doctor Scientist if you haven't yet. It's the fellas from Murdershift now living in Philly and timewarping music. Holy fuck. Their LP smokes if you can wiggle your brain free from the shackles of convention, maaaaaaaaan.

In other news, I'm completely out of the loop on EVERYTHING. I found and old box of cassettes that I wish I had a way to post up, because it included demos from Murdershift, and my favorite power violence band of 12-year olds (from 10 years ago) the US Mombs, among some other gems that mean nothing to no one like a mix someone gave me of all euro hc bands that no longer has a track list and practice/demos of my bands from 2000/2001.