Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Good morning, wise folk! Welcome to the first installment of Hudson River Powerviolence. I'm dedicating this blog to the fast, loud and/or abrasive of the local scene, from Westchester up through Albany, with stops in Poughkeepsie, New Paltz, Kingston and a number of other locales that have embraced the brutal tunes of heavy hardcore and fast metal.

The plan is to feature demos, photos, interviews, show announcements, etc, for the chosen few. That said, up first is my own band's latest recording, the Fucking Mess "RIP Mike Marino" Demo.

Bands, get in touch about posting demos... let other bands know... I'm sending out a big email from the Mess' Myspace to all the local bands that fit the bill. I'm interested in current stuff and historical stuff from the area.

For the folks who love to label this is what I'll be focusing on: power violence, grind, sludge, doom, 80's style hc, youth crew, stoner rock, thrash. If you're close, drop a line.

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